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ClubWebHost.com has provided this page to potentially assist you; we do not provide support for FTP nor FrontPage generally; these are third party programs - if you are having trouble using either of these programs seek assistance with the software creator. Alternately, you can upload files to your account through your web site control panel. We know that ftp and FrontPage function properly with our servers and generally problems are user error or possibly a glitch in your software.

How do I upload my pages to the server via ftp?

To upload your files via ftp, you will need some form of ftp software.
There are a couple of popular ftp clients available for download, you can download trial versions of Globalscapes CUTE FTP via - http://www.cuteftp.com/ and WS FTP PRO via - http://www.ipswitch.com/

To publish your pages, you would use your domain name e.g. ftp.yourdomainname.com as the Host Name/Address and enter your username and password, (supplied to you in your welcome email), when you connect to the server.

YOU MUST upload your pages to the public_html directory - consult your ftp client's instructions for the exact method for that particular software.



You can also upload your pages from within your control panel. Access your control panel and select the public_html directory. Click upload files and select the files to upload from your PC. Click Go and you are done.

What is anonymous ftp and how do I use it?

Account users with plans that include Anonymous FTP can allow 'anonymous' FTP access to persons wishing to download or upload files to and from your web site, as if you were running your own FTP server.

Use with extreme caution, as this will use up bandwidth, and can quickly result in extra costs added if you go over the allowed monthly amount. Be warned; people accessing your account could go in and cause you problems! If you choose to have ANON FTP enabled; you accept full responsibility for any and all things that happen to your account!

You can enable (and disable) Anonymous FTP access within the FTP feature inside your Control Panel. We reserve the right to, and will, apply charges to accounts in excess of their monthly data transfer limits. We monitor bandwidth usage and the server will contact you to let you know that you are near your limit - allowing you to upgrade your plan - this is cheaper than paying for extra bandwidth alone; or being assessed fees for re-activating your account if you exceed bandwidth.

If you allow people to download/upload files to your site, keep track of your disk space usage via your Control Panel. Do not allow your disk space usage to get too close to your maximum disk space allocation or you may experience problems accessing your site via FrontPage and/or be unable to upload or modify files - This includes your ability to receive email!

Once you enable, ANON FTP in your Control Panel, files can be accessed anonymously using an FTP client. Anonymous visitors wishing to access your site via FTP client must use your domain name as the FTP hostname, User-id 'anonymous' and password 'guest'. Your anonymous ftp site is different from that of your web site.

When people access your domain using anonymous ftp, they may see the following directories:


"pub" is where you should put all your accessible files. "incoming" is for the anonymous users to upload files to.

For security the following applies:

- The incoming directory is the only directory that can be written to anonymously
- Sub-directories cannot be created
- The incoming directory is not readable by people dropping files there

You are responsible for any "pirated" software uploaded by the anonymous users. The anonymous ftp sites will be periodically monitored for anything that falls outside of our terms and conditions and will be dealt with accordingly.

You may ignore the other directories.

To access your anonymous FTP site via the www use the following address:

Your HTML link on your web pages to download a file called something.exe would look like this:

<a href="ftp://yourdomain.com/pub/something.exe">Download Now</A>

You should tell your users that they may need to right-click on the link if they are PC users, or if they use a Macintosh, they need to hold down the mouse button on the link, then select the appropriate option from the menu.

MS Front Page   Front Page

   How do I upload my pages using Microsoft FrontPage™?

To upload with Microsoft FrontPage™ you need to have installed frontpage extensions on your account through your cpanel. You may install and uninstall the extensions within your control panel by clicking the FrontPage™ icon.

To publish your site after your domain name has resolved to our server (24-72 hours), you may upload your site to your domain name ie. http://www.yourdomainname.com
*** Remember ALL Files go in Your public_html folder!

Where can I get help with FrontPage™?

You may find the answers to your queries regarding FrontPage™ here: http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage

Read your manual and search the Microsoft website and you will find the answers to your problems.

I can't upload my files using FrontPage™ and some of my code is missing from the pages.

You receive the following error..."Server error: Cannot close file ".example.gif.tmp".

This is usually because you have exceeded your storage allowance for your account. Please note that the shopping cart and cgi-tools all take up space on the server if you use and install them.
If you are not using your shopping cart, you can free up disk space by contacting support who will then reset your shopping cart for you.

Copyrighted and Trademarked items on this page are property of their respective owners.

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