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Can I check my eMail from the Web?

How do I set up my pop email accounts with my email software?

What is a 'catch all' pop email account? AKA Default Mail

How many email accounts am I allowed?

What's the best way to eliminate spam?

Yes you do get Spam Assassin and a Spam Box Free!

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Can I check my eMail from the Web?

Of course; It's great for a quick check in if your out and about...
you can check your mail online then download it with your mail software when you get to your home or office!

With each hosting account you get two online mail programs to choose from:


To get to these mail programs simply enter into your address bar You'll enter your login info
Then choose from the mail program you'd like to use. That's it; you're now in Webmail!

What is a 'catch all' pop email account?

The 'catch all' pop email address has the same name as the username of your hosting account. If you have not set up any e-mail accounts within your control panel, this will catch every e-mail sent to your domain ie. This default 'catch all' email account will still work even when you create other accounts, which can be useful if people incorrectly spell the first half of the e-mail address, as you will still get all of your e-mails. This is the one e-mail account that is set up with your e-mail software (ie. Outlook express etc) with the hosting account username only (all other accounts use as the username in their mail software.) This is also the only web mail account that you have "instant" access to within your control panel without having to login first.

Please note: we are by default not enabling the catch-all as it's a HUGE SPAM magnet... it'll get bombed with spam and WILL consume all of your hosting space if you do not keep it cleared out! When your hosting space is used up this will block your ability to upload new files, delete files (including old email) and more importantly You WILL NOT receive any new emails!
We recommend: that the Default Email be set to - :fail: no such address here - this will reduce the amount of spam you receive an should keep your 'catch-all' account from filling up.

How do I set up my pop email accounts with my email software?

With Outlook or Outlook express:

Go into Outlook --> Select TOOLS (the left top navigation) --> Email Accounts... --> Your SetUp Wizard will look like that below.

Outlook Setup

Setting POP3

Incoming Mail Server Type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server: or

Mail Wizard

Account Name: (You MUST use the whole email address)
Password: Your e-mail account's password.

Account Created

Now your email software is ready for you to send and receive emails.

We do provide outgoing SMTP servers, however, we recommend that you use your ISP or network access for the smtp function of your e-mail program. The reason is simple - the server your site is on runs faster with less email being sent through it, and since you have an ISP to connect to the internet, you, generally, get an email account from them. But, for many of you, if you have AOL, or another large supplier. These have different rules. If you use AOL, you need to use in your e-mail program when it asks for your SMTP (outgoing) mail server, and you must check off "My server requires Authentication." If it asks for your outgoing mail server username and password, this is the username and password for your actual hosting account - not your email account. If you use MSN, and several others, they will not allow you to use anything but them in that line (this is a security measure to prevent SPAM.)
Many ISPs now require that you use them as your SMTP mail server - so, if you can't send mail set your SMTP as (or .net... whatever).

If you have MSN, or another that gives you an error of: "Relay Denied", You must use YOUR dialup SMTP information, where you are asked for your outgoing SMTP account. You should obtain this information from your Internet Service Provider.

How many email accounts am I allowed?

The number of email accounts varies from plan to plan.
Return to Top of PagePlease refer to the hosting plan that you signed up for.

What's the best way to eliminate spam?

All hosting plans come with Spam Assassin and a spam mailbox.
By default your Spam Assassin is OFF.
This is a Free add-on service of ClubWebHost. It does work and rather well.

SpamAssassin SpamAssassinTM is an extensible email filter which is used to identify spam.  Using its rule base, it uses a wide range of advanced heuristic and statistical  analysis tests on mail headers and body text to identify spam and bulk mail.

The Spam Mailbox
By default your spam mailbox is OFF.
You can turn it on through your control panel -> Web Mail.
If you are going to use the mailbox, YOU WILL NEED TO EMPTY THE MAILBOX - through your webmail interface. If you do not empty this mail box, it will consume your hosting space and your site could get suspended for exceeding the package alloted space. You'll receive a warning email when you are about to exceed your space then your email will stop coming and you will not be able to delete .

Dependant on the volume of spam that you are receiving Spam Assassin may not be enough. In this case we recommend above all other programs Spam Arrest. You can find Spam Arrest by clicking on one of the banner links to the left or on this logo:



eMail FAQs

      Spam Arrest

      Learn how to Check Your Mail
      on the Web or from Your PC.

      Mail Icons in your
      WebSite Control Panel:

      You'll find two icons in your web control panel that are for mail.


      Administer Your Email
      The 'Mail' icon is the Mail Manager Main
      Menu access area.

      This is the complete and most multi-faceted mail control area.

      If you are the admin of your hosting account, or have
      access to this area,
      here you can:

              Check Web Mail
              Add/Remove Accounts
              Check all accounts mail
              Default Address
              Set Autoresponders
              Set E-mail Filtering
              Set Forwarders
              Mailing Lists
              Spam Assassin on/off
              Activate Spam Box
              Trace an E-mail Address
              Modify Mail Exchanger
               (MX Entry)

      Check Webmail
      Your catch-all account.

      Here you can check the mail
      that goes to accounts that
      have not been assigned.

      It's important to pull this
      mail off of the servers using Outlook or some other
      email software client.

      We actually recommend
      not using a catch-all and it IS OFF by default - if you've not turned it on the cpanel yours is actually disabled!

      This account username and password are the same as your login username and password.

      Any email sent to your domain name that goes to unassigned mailboxes ends up here. 99%
      of the time this mail is spam.
      So please delete it then empty your mailbox trash bin. Excessive mail accumulates
      here and consumes your
      hosting space.

      If your email stops working
      or you are beginning to see email issues developing it is most likely due to your email catch-all account being full
      or over limit.

      Spam Arest