Servers from ClubWebHost Web Hosting

Our servers are mission-specific, industrial grade machines designed to the toughest industry specifications to provide our valued clients only the best hosting services. They are never overloaded and are monitored 24/7 to ensure that they perform smoothly and to maximum efficiency.

Every server is custom built to meet our extremely high expectations, and we use only name brand components such as SCSI RAID 5 and 10 hard drives, Intel Dual Xeon Hyper-threading processors, ECC SDRAM and more... We never sacrifice quality on our hardware, even if it means sacrificing profit.

Web ServersWe do have multiple servers and our typical server configuration is as follow:

  • Intel Dual Xeon Hyper-threading Processors
  • 2 GB RAM Dual Channel Memory
  • RAID 5 and 10 SCSI Hard Drives
  • Linux RedHat Operating System
  • Apache Web Server
  • CPanel 6 or greater