Website Access

I've just signed up and can't access my site with my domain name.

In order to access your website using your domain name, you must update your name servers with your domain name registrar first. Our name servers and IP's were supplied to you upon signing up.
Please contact support if you need to be re-advised.

After updating your name servers with your registrar, it takes between 24-72 hours for the global DNS tables to reflect the change. You may then access with your domain name.

Until your domain name resolves, you can access your pages by typing in your address as follows:
http://IP-address/~user_name/ (Replace user_name with your user name for your account.)

I've uploaded my pages, my domain has resolved, and I still can't access or see my site.

This could be one of a couple of things

You need to delete the default "index.html" page that was automatically added to your public_html directory when your account was created. If you upload an "index.htm" page to your public_html directory and don't delete the "index.html" page, you may not be able to access your website with your domain name URL until you delete the "index.html" page.

Did you make sure that when you uploaded your files you placed them in the public_html folder?
All files have to be in this folder.



    How do I type my URL: or

    You may use either method
    http:// and http://www
    will work equally as well.

    How do I access my
    hosting control panel?